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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) It is a Commercial Community that has Specific Programs of Qualification and Advice in on-line Commercialization designated ConectAme Program, that this directed to the Commercial Area of the SME to put near at hand of The Companies a very important Tool for the Commercialization based in the Use of Suitable Technology to the Current Times.

In All America we see with great preoccupation the lack of use of this important tool in all their commercial potentiality; still more when one is an ample continent where the distance between the urban centers and of production is the main problem, reason why exist reasons very important to develop Electronic Commerce as it forms to shorten the physical distance and to make agile the Commercial interchange.

Electronic Commerce has stopped being only a contact of a page or to a campaign by email, becoming very dynamic Strategic Structures that they are updated constantly with the development of new communicational techniques to which there are to adapt very quickly.

These changes were more significant with the appearance of Web 2,0, more known like Social Networks, that gave a very important turn to which it was Internet and have generated true Communities to which there are to interpret them commercially not to be isolated.

By all this, Rede Comercial do Sul (REDCOSUL) jointly with Red Comercial del Sur (REDCOSUR), offer the services Specialized advisories through ConectAme Program, free and Without Commitment to all Company that decides to penetrate in Electronic Commerce in competitive and planned form.

The ConectAme Program presents  by means of Courses and Seminars, that they are realised by means of an integral and methodological diagram thought to boost the Knowledge, as like this also the Use and Integration of the Small and Medium Enterprise that is being very prejudiced by the Fault of Knowledges and access to the Information on new Technical and existent Strategies to Access to New Markets.

Programa ConectAme - The Training Program and Integration Technological for Enterprise and Institutions related with the Commerce of All America. 

The Programs of Qualification in Elactronic Commerce are available in 24 Countries of America and has - Totally Free and without Commitment – Theoretical advice, Practical and Strategic on Electronic Commerce to all Company SME that request it. As like this also for Private Institutions or of Government and Strategic on Electronic Commerce to all Company SME that request it. As like this also for Private Institutions or of Government (Local; Provincial; Estadual; National; etc.), related with the trade, the industry and the services of All America.

Our Intention is that the knowledge arrive to the traders that treat of not to remain so backwards of the all, and try incursionar in the Electronic Commerce of way very rudimentary by means of pages disfuncionales or realising inoperable investments, (without the suitable knowledge) doing that in place to realise big businesses, only obtain big frustrations.

Rede Comercial do Sul (REDCOSUL) together with Red Comercial del Sur (REDCOSUR) integrate "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America". We count on Commercial Offices and Teams of Advisers Specialized in All America that will make him know everything what means Electronic Commerce. Because what it is seen, he is not everything  Account will occur of which this Commercial Community goes beyond which You can see in his computer.


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