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When installing a Business in Internet, we must consider that Business is going to be at the disposal of million People and Companies in the World, therefore, we have the best commercial services, banking and transport that contemplate this new competitive and interesting Digital Market International.

Make Business by Internet has stopped being a simple offer with photos to become true Administrations with complicated Commercial Structures where several Companies participate. In addition, other factors have begun to play a very important roll, like the Commercial Image, the strategy and coherence communicational, happening to be decisive elements at the time of Acceding to New Markets.

Internet permanently is consolidated as the means most popularized of the World and technically also are being perfected constantly; it is by that the Companies that realise Electronic Commerce in competitive form at level the International, tell on important Structures with Specialized Professionals that they work effectively to improve his services.

This extremely competitive market caused that Electronic Commerce is very used by the great Companies of the most important Countries, as much is thus, that the European Union is making investments to position itself still more in this New Digital Market.

In America, by the enormous distances between the towns and considering that the Countries present/display economies in via of development, it is observed in the majority of the Enterprise leadership, certain cultural resistance to the change, and testing with pages dysfunctional or software nonadapted, which - consequently - becomes a loss of time and money, generating to him an enormous frustration by not being able to make Good Business by Internet.

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