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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) It works by means of norms very clear of Convivencia and Commercialization between all the components of this Big Commercial Network, As like this also with the Technological contribution, Commercial, Operative and Strategic of the distinct Commercial Communities and Skilled Sites in Electronic Commerce that integrate it.

In Internet, as in all order of the commercialization, is very important to integrate to the Business or the Industry to the community; and what bigger was this, is better. We integrate it to Our International Commercial Community, as like this also so that it interrelate  with all the Social Networks, facilitating them all the necessary tools to the SME, so that it realise Electronic Commerce in shape Professional and Competitive.

All the Business of Our Network, are conscious that they work with the best services and than they are equipped with the maximum technology to realise Electronic Commerce in the World, from a Commercial Community the International where all contribute an important volume of potential clients to the benefit of all.

From the moment at which a Business adheres to our Commercial Community, it counts on the endorsement and the Guarantee of Trustworthiness of Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR. This is very important, since very well-known and the lack of control in Internet is feared. Our Users ones already know that Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR is responsible for each one of the Adhered Business, controlling and assuring that the Norms of Commercial Loyalty are fulfilled, so that the commercial operations are realised within a frame of Security and Confidence.

We must emphasize, that "everything what happens" in all the Sites of the Network and each one of the Adhered Business, is monitored and registered in Bases de Datos of Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR for its later verification, by any possible complaint or controversy.

REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) jointly with REDCOSUR (Red Comercial del Sur), conform "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America". In the actuality have offices accredited in 24 countries of America, already adhered  the Commercial Communities more important of Internet, as like this also but of 20 Skilled Sites in Electronic Commerce of All America.

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Mercosur Sites