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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) We are the creators of the First Network of International Electronic Commerce; our function is to organise and give a favourable frame to all the Commercial Network so that it work in shape Professional and Competitive with the contribution of Technology of tip and confiabilidad for the Businesses and with clear politics of Commercial Loyalty to the Users.

To Level Businesses, Our Function is to work with methodology of effective work, scheduled and constant of Professionals Described to install competitive Businesses in this Globalized Market; for this elaborate software of checked performance beside a Commercial Strategic diagram to coordinate the distinct areas of this Commercial Structure.

  • Programming Computing - Adapt the programming to the available system of each Business, due to the fact that no all sells  of equal form and methodology, as like this also to the commercial habits of each region. The work of update, adaptation and control of Our Professionals has to be constant, since in addition to being part of an International Commercial Network, also the business this immersed in a group of Commercial Communities that contribute him traffic, control and positioning in each region of all America.
  • Positioning SEO - The most adapted strategy not to remain in the periphery and that go in very few people. This work is very very sought-after in Internet and of enormous repercussion for the business. The follow-up has to be permanent and very dynamic due to the fact that it is necessary to go adapting to the searchers and accommodate also the programming to the different changes. This work is extremely delicate and it is necessary to coordinate the commercial politics more adapted for each business.
  • Commercialization - The commercialization in internet has to be very diagrammed, logical and very intuitive, in addition to adapting  to the real situation so that the Business work giving all the on-line answers in seconds and awarding the best Commercial Image and Strategy Communicative adapted to the commercial projection of each Company and in the segment that participates.
  • Banking - To realise the on-line or off-line collection according to the form of commercialisation that realises the business. It is necessary to have a structure of connections - appropriate and safe - to the banks issuing of the distinct cards or systems of payment, as like this also with the adaptation to the distinct coins.
  • Transport - It can not  leave all rid only to the post due to the fact that the volumes and the forms of sending are limited, therefore, in this segment have an enormous structure of Regional Transports, National and International; that they were hired and interconnected in shape on-line with our platform to coordinate and cotizar automatically each one of the necessary services in each transaction that realise  in the Commercial Network, in All America, As like this also for all the World and in the different forms of transports that need (Commodities in general; of Pieces of furniture; of Past Machineries; With Chain of Cold; For Alive Animals; etc.). We do not have to forget us that Internet is a Globalized Network, and can buy us from any part of the World, and commodities of distinct characteristic.
  • Customs Solutions - All know that Internet is a Globalized Market and for this Ours Commercial Network also is prepared with integral solutions to the Customs problem. It is known that this is also one of the most complicated problems to solve for the Electronic Commerce of All America due to the fact that generally they do not work or do not exist Treated of Free Trade between the different Countries; this means that the software detects the restrictions and customs duties that apply to each product and in each Country.
  • Commercial mediations - Between Users and Businesses Adhered, in the transactions realised inside The Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR. Our Commercial Network is prepared to solve any complaint or controversy originated in the transactions realised inside the Commercial Network. We have several teams of Skilled Lawyers in Mediaciones Commercial that supported by our Registers of backups permanent that monitor all the transactions, resolve very quickly the differences of the best possible way. If it does not arrive  to an agreement, cancels  the sale and gives back automatically the money to the User.
  • Round of Business or Meetings Online - We have of rooms to realise Conferences or on-line Meetings with Companies of any part of the World that interest  by his products (with voice and video in real time, transfer of archives, Power Point, explanatory diagrams, etc.). As like this also interconnection with all the available Social Networks in Internet.

All what have descripto, inside a frame of commercial conviviality, Security and Confidence of our International Commercial Community.

By all these virtues attained; they did that they Adhere to Our Commercial Network other important Commercial Communities, as like this also but of 20 Skilled Sites in Electronic Commerce of All America that saw solved his Technological problems, Commercial, Operative and Strategic, by means of his integration to Our International Commercial Network, and they to his see also contribute with the contribution of solutions to All the Commercial Network, conforming between all "The first Network of National and International Electronic Commerce for the Small and medium Enterprise of all America".

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