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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) It is a Commercial Network that this organised with the clear aim to give the best commercial service for the Companies as like this also for the Users.

When entering a Business like Adhered to the Commercial Network International, accedes to Electronic Commerce and all a Commercial Structure in Network. This service is directed to Companies of all America, that having or not its page own Web, wants to undertake the commercialization of its products or services through Electronic Commerce and to enter the world of the transactions online by Internet.

Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR has important Programs of technological update in the commercial area to the SMEs, by means of integral solutions to size and with the best technical level, so that its Company can respond of Professional form and Competitive in this Important Important World Market.

It includes:

  • Beginning of the site in three Languages: Spanish, English Portuguese and.
  • Professional catalogue design and putting online of sales.
  • Total Control Panel of existence, products, prices, promotions, supplies, etc.
  • Registry and maintenance of a dominion (example:
  • Hosting the International of high capacity of transference and security.
  • Direct connection with all the modes of payment (150 currencies).
  • Systems of logistic Corporative National and International (189 Countries of the World).
  • Platform of Attention to the Client in real time.
  • Visit and data bases of clients.
  • Presence of the Store Online in all the sites specialized in Electronic Commerce of Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR (More than 20 International Sites).
  • Access to statistics online.
  • Corporative positioning.
  • Technological update without additional costs.
  • Integrated service of ESCROW, with Guarantee of Trustworthiness and Guaranteed Satisfaction.
  • Round of Business Online in system of interactive Conferences with Companies of the network and also of any part of the World, that are interested in their products.
  • Room of Business for Meetings online with Companies of any part of the World (with voice and video in real time, explanatory transference of archives, Power Point, schemes, etc.)

Afterwards to having installed the Virtual Business; the representatives of the Company, realise another course composed by 5 modules of integration to the Electronic Commerce; because what sees  in the monitor of the Computer, is not everything. There are a lot of technology that goes by behind the visible, that the trader goes to discover to measures that advance in the Integration.

These Modules of Integration inserted it metodológicamente to the in shape gradually Electronic Commerce, slowly and competitive. Explaining at all times, with the technical assistance and the permanent Advice of Our Professionals.

Connect with:

Programa ConectAme - The Training Program and Integration Technological for Enterprise and Institutions related with the Commerce of All America. 

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