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One of the serious problems that suffer great part of the Small and Medium Enterprises, is commercial, industrial or of services, it is related to the way of being able to arrive at his potential clients.

These problems present  in all America and owe  generally to the deficient structural organisation that have the Countries in his territorial and political organisation related with the commerce; doing that they increase  inevitably the costs in the Commercialization.

The Big Companies treat to solve moderately these problems realising big advertising investments, as like this also opening branches in the main places for of this form arrive better to his potential customers, and position itself in the distinct regions.

Regarding the Small and Medium Enterprises SME, It is the most prejudiced in all this problem, because they have to compete in inferiority of economic and strategic conditions, losing the possibility to Acceding to New Markets.

By all this; a lot of Employers SME thought that with the arrival of Internet would solve all his problems, as by art of magic, and they began to realise pages visualmente very attractive that afterwards of the careful time of evaluation, they did not find the solution to the problem and finished thinking that - Internet does not serve like commercial solution -.

This is not like this. It is showed in the whole world that Internet is a fundamental tool now, and with enormous projection to the future. Only it is necessary to open the mind to a horizon without borders where the elder limitante is the Fault of Knowledges and the Resistance to the Change.

But we do not make a mistake; we have to take into account that we are putting us expensive to face in front of the true Globalized Market; where are competing commercially to a click of distance the most important Companies of all the World. This does not have to us scare; but yes, we have to give us it explains that we have to have the Best Technological Advice and with the owed knowledge of Markets, to be able to decide on the main problems that will find eat:

  1. The Software
  2. Juridical Security
  3. Positioning SEO
  4. Logistics or Transports
  5. Systems of Payment

This is not so difficult; - It is as in the same life -. If we want to live isolated of all the World, (in the half of the field); we have to resolve a lot of problems that are very difficult to solve in shape solitary eat: feed us, dress us, defend us, transport us, etc. All these problems are solved quickly and naturally through Community Organization (in the City). In Internet happens the same.

Our International Commercial Network has like main function integrate to the Companies of Commerce, Industry or Service, to the main Commercial Communities in Internet, to put him in his hands the ideal tool, that it will give him the possibility to INCLUDED ON A NEW MARKET.

It request Advice Free for Companies or Institutions.

It know our Programa ConectAme and will give account that go in to the Globalized Market is possible....!! and the profits are many....!!

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Programa ConectAme - The Training Program and Integration Technological for Enterprise and Institutions related with the Commerce of All America. 

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