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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) In last the ten years we have been witnesses of impressive technological advances in Internet, and the tendency confirms that these will continue still more of impressive way, simplifying our lives in some aspect, but complicando to us at the time of adapting us to the changes that take place in the Commercial sector, by means of the denominated Digital Economy that has acquired strong characteristics of globalisation in the last years.

Electronic Commerce at the moment constitutes a key tool for the Strategic Development of the Regions and a new way of doing business to which we are due to adapt inevitably, before it is too much behind schedule, since in the actuality the Demand in Internet is very upper to the offer, and like all know “the first always win by double game”.

We all know that Electronic Commerce has evolved by leaps and bounds, far exceeding all expectations for growth, opening a wide horizon of opportunities to do businesses. Nevertheless, there is still some resistance in many entrepreneurs to adapt to this new form of commercialization, and are testing how to do to enter this New Market by dysfunctional pages or investing ineffective without the right advice.

Another problem is the misleading information disseminated many opportunists who offer "quick fix" for Electronic Commerce, which generally can not adapt to the reality of the marketing of each Business, nor, to the media which can be arranged in the region where it is established, and even less to what is needed on the Internet to obtain the minimum required results. This does, that an employer who tries to access the Internet, with intent to do great Business, just get great frustrations.

At first, Electronic Commerce was reserved solely for the Great Companies. At present, and before the development of the new Social Networks, this tendency has changed; now, the Small and Medium Enterprises begin to enter to the Great Business of the hand of the Commercial Communities in Network, that have become one of the factors keys of the enterprise competitiveness, the innovation and the technological adaptation to Electronic Commerce International.

It is important to emphasize that in Europe, at the moment, important economic efforts are made to insert to Commerce and the Industry in the Digital Economy, like fundamental tool in the improvement of their competitiveness and productivity, by means of special programs promoted by different Institutions related to Commerce and is financed by the European Union.

In Europe is promoted by:

The Program "Adaptation of the Company to the Digital Economy", is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Nº Reference IST-030100-2008-533). Promoted by the Superior Council of Chambers of Commerce, through the Program InnoCamaras.


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