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The appearance of new forms to accede to Internet will shortly bring about that time, hundreds of million people are added to thousand eight hundred million that already use Internet, thus constituting, the Globalised Market more important that it has existed.

Seeing these possibilities, Powerful Companies are carrying out international investments that reach sidereal numbers to enter this New Digital Market.

The economy in Internet is growing to huge steps and Electronic Commerce I stop being a simple Catalogue, to formalize a true Commercial Structure where the commercial transactions are realised totally online.

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To watch show windows, to compare prices and to make purchases without leaving house are very exciting for the consumer, but when the possibility is as simple as click, a credit card and to hope to that the transport brings the article that has been bought from the screen, the temptation is immense. And there it is Internet to generate the revolution that promises to change the habits of consumption of this century because "ALREADY THIS".

It is not only tried to buy clothes, books, flowers or food; today or it can until going to the supermarket, reserving hotels or to buy the furniture for the house.

Gabriela Gregorutti, psychologist and industralist who appears between the thousands of clients who already use this service, is excited when confessing: For two years that nonfloor a supermarket. I make the errands to any hour, in ten minutes and without moving to me of house.

The modifications that Internet is beginning to produce in the field of the Business, generate the new dynamics commercial that is very different from that it existed before Internet. This new reality raises a new form to compete, that they will have to thus adapt the Companies like also the Countries.

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