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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) it works in a diagram of Commercial Communities and Skilled Sites in Elactronic Commerce of distinct Regions of All America, that contribute knowledges, commercial habits and all type of necessary information for the good operation of all the Commercial Network.

This Commercial Community International works by means of Norms of Coexistence and Commercialization that Are controlled and Monitored by Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR. (Read Terms and Conditions).

In order to look for a certain Adhered Business, it only must realise the consultation in anyone of the Sites of the Network, since all operate with the same modalities and Commercial conditions.

When the consumer Purchase: In anyone of the Business of the Sites of the Commercial Network and from the moment at which the purchase takes place, the User is abreast of all the inherent expenses to the transaction (imposed, transport, etc.) Also will receive the instructions for the pursuit Online of the bought merchandise, like thus also realising the reclamations that correspond, etc.

The Data of the User: Once the User registers in Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR or in anyone of the Sites or Business, their data enter our Data bases, with the tranquillity of which in no case or circumstance they will be yielded to third parties. (Read Privacy Policy).

When the Consuming Payment: In all the Business of the Commercial Network, the payments are realised directly in the Tax collecting Banks, reason by which, when the data of a credit card are placed, the same enter the bank of issue of the card or means of payment directly that uses. Commercial Network REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR guarantees that no component of the Commercial Network has the possibility of acceding to those data in all the process.

Tracking on-line of Merchandise: When you make a purchase on any Business of The Commercial Network, will be shown in the confirmation of the same, a transaction number will also be sent by e-mail. With that number, the buyer can track your merchandise in form on-line, from its own User Control Panel.

Guaranteed satisfaction: When the buyer receives the merchandise purchased and expressed dissatisfaction, either because was not the product  offered originally or for defects in the same, mistake, mistaken identity, or any other circumstance, will replace the product, the Commercial Network REDCOSULREDCOSUR “you reimburses the money” for such purchase by the means it deems customer. (Read Terms and Conditions).

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