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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) it is A New Form to do Businesses to the highest Professional and Competitive level in a New Digital Market that is very dynamic and demanding, where the Commercial Image, the Communications Policy and the Strategy applied is determining among others appearances that are developed by our professionals to position to each one of the Businesses adhered to our Commercial Network.

In this section found necessary information that this directed to the Commercial Area of the Companies, for ingresar to a new global scenario where the User has accessed massively to Internet and the Companies do not access to this Technology by fault of knowledges and means; this means that in Internet the demand surpasses enormously to the offer in this Digital Market that presents  inevitably in the commercialization.

Internet Is renewing constantly and is changing all the approach structured of the same civilisation. In the actuality are creating new forms of commercialization, doing that the Employers have to update on technology and strategy applied in an activity where the competitiveness is essential. The traders that do not update , are becoming automarginalized by not accessing to the minimum professional knowledges that requires the activity; arriving to consider like the new Digital Illiterate in the Commercialization.

This situation is attracted very quickly by any incipient navigator; more even by an understood in commercialization, that gives  account of this situation instantly, from the moment to receive a personal card or until by the form that presents  the Business; leaving a Commercial Image very fragile.

The forms of commercialization are changing very quickly and is showed in the whole world that Internet is a fundamental tool now, and with enormous projection to the future. Only it is necessary to open the mind to a horizon without borders where the greater limits are given only by the Fault of Knowledges and the Resistance to the Change.

We can not ignore that the technology imposes  by his own need, and we can not leave to recognise that it is a process that all change has had it in his opportunity as it has occurred with the telephone, the car, the aeroplane or the same computer, etc. Until the people gave  account that was part of the same evolution, and in the actuality can not do without they.

In Internet happens the same; the trade still does not encourage to operate by Internet in spite of that the banks already realise all type of transactions through the automatic cashiers had everywhere, as like this also in the Home Banking of his sites of Internet. Nowadays almost all the formalities already realise  by Internet and until the Justice  this putting on-line.

But we do not make a mistake; “it is not to blow and do bottles” as by art of magic; we have to be very aware to the moment to go up our Business to Internet, since we have to have very in account that if we do it well we are putting us expensive to face in front of the true Globalized Market, where will go in to compete commercially to a click of distance with the most important Companies of all the World, and have to do it to the best Professional Level to have the best results.

This does not have to us paralyse; we have to give us it explains that we have to have the best Technological Advice, Strategic and Operative, as like this also with a clear knowledge of the Market, to be able to decide properly and not to make a mistake us, since if we do it badly no only we will lose time and money; but in place to do Big Businesses only will achieve Big Frustrations.

This is not so difficult; - It is as in the same life - If we want to live isolated of all the World, (Example: in the half of the field); we have to resolve a lot of problems that are very difficult to solve in shape solitary eat: feed us, dress us, defend us, transport us, etc. All these problems resolve very quickly and of course by means of the Community Organisation (Example: in the City). In Internet happens the same.

Working in Network and in shape Community have achieved the best Technological solutions, Strategic and Operative, to each one of the problems that presents us  in the implementation of the Electronic Commerce.

Now the SME of All America, have a new form of ingresar to the E-commerce to the highest Professional and Competitive level.

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