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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) With an experience of more than 10 years that come analysing the commercialisation in general, as like this also developing Technology for the Electronic Commerce; we observe with a lot of worry that in Latin America the Countries through his Governments do not take consciousness to optimising the Commercialisation and less even in improving the Production.

Also we see that the majority of the Private Institutions related with the Production and the Commercialisation neither interest  by the technological evolution and the competitiveness of his associated, despising an Important International Market where the Demand is very upper to the Offer. This does NOT happen in the European countries or in United States where the worry for applying technology to the commercialization is permanent.

In Europe is strongly promoted by:

The Program "Adaptation of the Company to the Digital Economy", is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Nº Reference IST-030100-2008-533). Promoted by the Superior Council of Chambers of Commerce, through the Program InnoCamaras.

It can not  understand that while the World realises the commercialization in Real Time, that means in shape instantaneous by Internet, the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year and in shape totally automated. In Latin America do not use  this important commercial tool.

Ignore the Reality - Ayn Rand

In Latin America does not understand this logical deduction and observes  as they do not attain apuntalar minimum commercial agreements between the Governments of the Countries to benefit to the region. But although it has  an extensive territory where the distances are decisive for the costs.

Evolution of Electronic Commerce in the World.

Latin America represents only 3% of the Electronic Commerce of the World and of this percentage almost 2% is of Brazil.

In this section found information very useful for the Private or Governmental institutions that represent to the Commerce, the Industry and the services; so that they orient to his represented in a very complex subject and of enormous importance as it is it the technology applied to the commercialisation.

This question this present in all the meetings like main subject, and is the worry of the Employers of all the World. The reality shows that if there is not commercialisation, there is not production and without Production there is not prosperity in this Country.

To all this, the Small and Medium Enterprises SME, is the most prejudiced in all this problem, because they have to compete in inferiority of economic and strategic conditions, losing the possibility to Acceding to New Markets.

Although the Governments do not put  of agreement; Internet this giving the example, through the Social Networks, that are showing like the citizens of Latin America are joining  and exchanging information with people of All the World, in communities very very structured, without prejudices neither geographic limits that separate them.

By all this, is very Important that the Institutions related with the Commerce, the Industry and the Services, they update  and they inform to his represented, because this big change also is  giving in the world of the Businesses.

Now, the Commercial Networks are marking a before and an afterwards for the Electronic Commerce, giving the possibility to the SME of All America, of entering the Globalized World of the Digital Economy (with the best conditions) in Professional form and Competitive.

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