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REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) It is a International Network specialised in commercialization, that studies and works applying technology to facilitate to the Users of any part of the World that realise his shopping in any one of the Businesses adhered to our Commercial Network of All America, with the tranquility of the strict control of our Commercial Network that ensures him all his shopping without additional cost.

In this section, the Users go to find the necessary information of as it works the Commercial Network to do the shopping in his region, or in any part of All America, In the most comfortable form and safe by Internet.

Now I arrive the so expected Juridical Security for the Electronic Commerce in All America. Therefore now it can do the shopping in the security of our Commercial Network, with the tranquility that his shopping go to arrive to his hands in the best form and with the Commercial Loyalty that you deserves.

For this, from the same moment that an User registers, the Commercial Network enables him a Signpost of personal Control where remain in shape encrypted the personal data of the User, that it can access by a safe access with User and Password. In this Signpost of Control remain settled all the shopping realised by the User in any one of the businesses of the Commercial Community, like proof for any complaint or controversy.

When it effects a parchase; before doing the payment, has to disposal all the information Impositiva necessary according to the zone where goes to realise the parchase, as like this also it gives him the possibility to choose the Transport that will realise him the sending of the goods and the costs according to the available Companies for his zone. This information does that it obtain all the necessary costs so that the commodity arrive to your home.

It is important to clear that if an User does not agree with some product that has bought in some Business of this Commercial Network; it has to do the catchword quickly to the Business where has realised the parchase. If the Business does not resolve him the in shape urgent problem. The Commercial Network REDCOSULREDCOSUR it has a legal team integrated by pleaded mediators that solve him the problem very quickly or suspend him the transaction, giving him back to his account the corresponding money. (Read Terms and Conditions - Articles SEPTIMO; EIGHTH; NINTH and TENTH).

When the User realises a payment in any one of the Business Adhered to the Commercial Network; is performed directly in the access network Bank encrypted emisor of the Charge Card that is using; or in the half of payment that decides to use. The Business or any one of the Sites of the Commercial Network, do not have the possibility to access to these data.

The Data of the Users are not published by any reason and neither delivered for advertising campaigns or offers of any type. Read Privacy Policy.

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