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South America is characterized by the broad expanse of its territory and the great distances between production centers and regional consumer potential customers, making the Commercialization has too high costs and high complexity to carry it out successfully between different same regions of the South American continent.

To improve the Commercial Interchange in the Region, have created the Mercado Común del Sur (Mercosur), in Portuguese Mercado Comum do Sul (Mercosul), is a union subregional integrated by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela in process of incorporation. It has like countries associated to Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, In addition to Mexico in quality of observer.

For all that, Electronic Commerce is now a key tool for the Strategic Development of the Regions and a new way of doing business that inevitably we must adapt to overcome the isolation of many cities, towns and localities can not integrate a World that is using all available Technological advances for the benefit of Commercialization.

REDCOSUL Together with REDCOSUR are present in all of South America. It is not just an Electronic Commerce software, but is an important Commercial Structure that includes all the Integral appearances of the commercialization forming "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America". Ensuring securityconfidence and comfort for Consumers, Business and Institutions related to Commerce that make up this Great Commercial Community International.


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