The Commercial Network - Mission, Vision, Values and Definition


Our Mission is to use our Professional knowledges and Technological Developments to convert the Electronic Commerce into a applied strategic solution to the commercial interchange in All America, positioning to all Our Commercial Community as the main reference of this New International Market.


Be the builders of change and the reliability in the Age of Electronic Commerce in All America, developing technology and Mechanisms Advanced of commercialization, with boldness, experience and human quality of our people. A management in equipment that is anticipated to the change, innovating permanently.


  • Constant search of the optimization.
  • Human Quality.
  • Professionalism.
  • Passion for what we do.
  • Respect for the Users.


We Developed technological solutions of last generation applied to Electronic Commerce aand integrated to the Commercial Structure International REDCOSUL - REDCOSUR, "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America". Guaranteeing security, confidence and comfort for Consumers and Business that integrate this Great Commercial Community International.

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